I. launch launch 1 [lɔːntʆ ǁ lɒːntʆ] verb [intransitive, transitive]
1. COMMERCE MARKETING to show or make a new product available for sale for the first time:

• The company is launching a new range of hair products.

• The bank has launched a commercial insurance service for small businesses.

• Our internet service will launch next year.

2. COMMERCE to start a new company:

• Conran launched a business empire that was eventually to employ 83,000 people.

3. to start a new activity or profession, usually after planning it carefully:

• The sports channellaunched a major advertising campaign two months before the World Cup.

• Luke took advantage of a Youth Training Scheme to launch a successful career.

4. launch a bid FINANCE if one company launches a bid for another, it makes an offer to buy it:

• Several of its competitors may launch a bid for the company.

  [m0] II. launch launch 2 noun [countable]
1. MARKETING an occasion at which a new product is shown or made available for sale or use for the first time:

• Savings are needed to finance new product launches.

• Since its launch two years ago, sales of the software have grown to only about 300,000 a year.

2. the start of a new activity or plan:

• the launch on New Year's day of a set of economic reforms

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launch UK US /lɔːnʃ/ noun [C]
MARKETING the introduction of a new product or service for sale to the public: »

Since its launch, the game console has sold 6.7 million units around the world.

brand/product launch »

The secret to a successful brand launch is planning.

launch date/event/party »

The company has not finalized the exact pricing structure or set a launch date.

delay/postpone a launch »

Bugs in the operating system delayed its launch six months.

attend/celebrate/mark a launch »

The event was held to mark the launch of a new online service.


announce/oversee/plan a launch


imminent/planned/successful launch


commercial/formal/official launch

the beginning of something new, such as a plan, business, or job: campaign/career launch »

It's a fresh start for the lead singer and a career launch for the artists involved.

launch UK US /lɔːnʃ/ verb [I or T]
to begin something new such as a plan or business: launch a bid/company »

He has not ruled out launching a takeover bid for the company.

launch an inquiry/investigation »

When an investigation was launched into the deal, two cofounders resigned.

launch an assault/attack/offensive »

The administration launched an attack on organized software piracy.

launch a campaign/initiative/scheme »

We launched a campaign to fight world hunger.


launch a site/website

MARKETING to introduce a new product or service for sale: »

The manufacturer has launched a new car, which will go on sale this spring.

launch a product/range »

The jeweller is about to launch a range at a well-known department store.

to start a new job, to start work in a new industry, or to start a new part of your work life: »

Michael launched his career as a software salesman.

launch sb/yourself as sth »

She launched herself as a designer of high-end handbags.

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